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Boasting a wealth of multidisciplinary skill, DrWolf is proficient in all areas of information management for organisations working with complex systems and processes. To translate information investments into immediate advantages in the form of turnover or improved procedures, we believe we can interpret the customer's objectives through our planning capabilities, the development of tailored solutions, step-by-step verification of the work, and the guarantee of continued, after-sales support.

No two businesses are the same and this holds, too, for the solutions: the technologies we offer always take into account the specifics of the client's business, the cost/benefit ratio expected, the budgeted development times, the prospective growth of the solution together with the client, the scope of integration with pre-existing or future technologies, and the overall impact for the organisation's members.

DrWolf srl has a Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Certification purpose: Software design and development

Certificate n. 18645

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